Case Study

How Dermazen 2x customer retention with Lifetimely.

Skincare brand Dermazen’s mission is to educate and empower people with seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, and malassezia imbalance.

Launched in 2019 with its bestselling Calming Seborrheic Serum, the brand quickly grew a loyal customer base but were manually tracking their P&L and managing their cash flow with spreadsheets.

Dermazen turned to Lifetimely to help with cash flow management, to improve their retention rate and to save time with visibility across both Shopify and Amazon.

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visibility into P&L and cash flow


Retention campaigns are 2x more effective

80 hours

saved per month with Amazon integration

“Lifetimely has helped with everything from automating our P&L, to improving efficiency and marketing spend. Without Lifetimely’s automation, it would take our team hours of data crunching to get the same level of insights. But now we’re able to drill down and get to the juicy bits so much faster and make timely decisions for the company.”

- Niels Tervoort, Co-founder, Dermazen


The Challenge

When manually tracking profit and loss for both Shopify and Amazon using spreadsheets, the team was not able to be agile with business decisions that could potentially impact cash flow. 

There was no easy way to identify if they could increase spend on marketing campaigns on Google or Meta or why they were profitable on orders one week vs not profitable the next. 

The team also knew that customers were returning but had little visibility into how often they repurchased or what they were most likely to purchase for their 2nd or 3rd orders. 

Finally, the team was spending almost 80 hours each month manually updating spreadsheets to manage their Amazon store. 

They needed one platform that could easily and accurately visualize profit and loss, lifetime value and customer journeys across both Shopify and Amazon.

“I no longer have to update a massive spreadsheet every day for Amazon. Before the Amazon integration I was still spending hours each day trying to figure out overall profitability. Now I can get a snapshot from Lifetimely, of both Amazon and Shopify with a few clicks, and have peace of mind that we are on track.”

- Niels Tervoort, Co-founder, Dermazen

The Solution

Using Lifetimely’s daily automated P&L report, Dermazen achieved 10x more visibility into their P&L were able to manage their cashflow more effectively by identifying when the company was profitable and when it wasn’t, and the corresponding business decisions that had led to those outcomes. 

They were also able to use cohort analytics to understand when their retention strategies were working and when they were not. With Lifetimely customer behavior reports, their retention campaigns were twice as effective as before. They could also look at ad spend vs revenue generated and adjust their marketing budget to achieve higher ROAS. 

After integrating with the Lifetimely Amazon integration, the team saved up to 80 hours each month on manual reporting and finally had true visibility into all of their eCommerce analytics.

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“Lifetimely helped us shed light on what was working through cohort data. Where did we see a good repurchase rate and what was different about our retention strategy during that time? Lifetimely made it easy for us to know where to focus our actions to improve our repurchase rate”.

- Niels Tervoort, Co-founder, Dermazen

The Bottom Line

With complete and accurate reporting Lifetimley 10xed Demazen’s visibility into P&L and cash flow reporting. 

Retention campaigns were also 2x more effective with Lifetimley’s customer behaviour reports shining a light on where the brand should focus it’s retention efforts. 

Finally, the team saved up to 80 hours each month and no longer had to rely on spreadsheets to manage their Amazon store.With Lifetimely they could view their metrics across both platforms on one consolidated dashboard. 


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