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Improve business health faster with real-time, actionable and automated reports on your Shopify and Amazon stores' profit, revenue and expenses.


10 mins

Users see all their metrics and insights in an average of just 10 minutes when first connecting Lifetimely


With more than 420 five star reviews on the Shopify App Store, Lifetimely is the go-to analytics app


Customers are increasing their customer lifetime value (LTV) by an average of 12% when using Lifetimely

Factor all your costs for true profit reporting

Pull your costs from ad platforms, shipping providers and other tools and apps. Add custom one-time or recurring costs to your report for the most accurate, automated P&L reporting.


Easily add or import into Lifetimely...


Inventory Data

Connect your Shopify store to automatically pull in COGs and inventory costs.


Marketing Costs

Connect your ad accounts, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & more, to automatically pull in spend data.



Connect with ShipStation, ShipBob, Addition & more to automatically pull in shipping costs.


Other Costs

Add handling costs, personnel costs, agency costs & more to get a full picture of your costs.


Reveal and analyze everything that impacts your bottom line

Understand how costs are eating into your profitability with granular cost breakdown filters. View and compare your costs from orders, products, shipping, stores and more.


See how your various costs contribute to your total Profit & Loss for the period, including:

  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02

    Product Costs

  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02


  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02

    Transaction Fees

  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02

    Marketing Costs

  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02

    Operating Expenses

  • lifetimely-profitandloss-icon-check-02

    Custom Costs


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Pricing plans to suit your business

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Amazon Add On

Import Amazon sales data and run reports


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Here’s what our customers have to say about Lifetimely


A powerhouse of an app at an amazing price! We've used Lifetimely to help determine more accurate budget and sales forecasting. Setting up was a breeze and the support has been timely. Can't wait to see what more they add!

Harney & Sons


Amazing app that brings together data in a really easy to understand way. If you are tracking new and repeat customers with a focus on lifetime value then this is a must.

Customer service is extremely communicative and efficient.



This app is everything we needed. We were working too hard to export customer and order information from Shopify, then to manipulate it further in Excel, both time consuming and frustrating if the results didn't match monthly numbers!!

Lifetimely provides clear insights into customer value and customer behavior. If you aren't using this, you're missing out on valuable marketing takeaways!

One Mighty Mill


Lifetimely has become our most important app in regards to tracking profit vs loss for our retail website.

We know what we spent on ads, apps, and agencies, and we know what our revenue on Shopify is, now we can add in all our other operating costs to get a clear picture on profits. This allows us to make realtime, data based decisions. On top of that, the support team at Lifetimely are amazing.

Hot Leathers

Supercharge your Profitability with Lifetimely