Track profit, LTV & more in one beautiful tool

Ditch the spreadsheets and start making more informed decisions about how to grow your business with Analytics by AMP.


See the metrics that matter

Build dashboards to display the metrics that matter most to your business, including sales, profit, costs, ad spend, CAC, LTV, ROAS & more.

See the metrics that matter

Customise your metrics

Apply filters or breakdowns to see the exact metrics you care about. See ROAS by source, spend by campaign, sales by product type and more.

Customise your metrics

You can apply the following trnasformations to metrics:

Filter Icon


Filter metrics to only show certain data. For instance, show spend on a particular campaign or volume of orders of a specific product type.

Breakdowns icon


Breakdown metrics by specific dimensions. For instance, see your ROAS by channel or sales by product type.

Comparison icon


Display multiple metrics on a single chart so you can compare them. For instance, compare sales to CAC to see if they’re going in the same direction.

Share your dashboards easily

Easily share the beautiful dashboards you’ve created with the people that need to see them. View them on web or mobile devices, display them on a TV, deliver them to inboxes & more.

Share your dashboards easily

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Over 20,000 merchants across the world use AMP’s products to grow their business.

Pricing plans to suit your store

Analytics by AMP has several pricing packages to suit different stages of your growth.


per Month
  • Real-time KPI and Profit dashboard
  • Integrate with Facebook & Google ad platforms
  • Data limited to last 30 days


per Month
  • All FREE features
  • Daily P&L report email
  • Add one-time or recurring costs
  • Benchmarks tailored to your store
  • Unlimited ad integrations
  • Complete historical data


$149 per Month
  • All PRO features
  • AI-generated LTV projections for every customer
  • Month-to-month sales forecasts by cohort
  • Unlimited integrations (including Shipstation, Recharge, Klaviyo)

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