Powerful & Versatile Analytics Dashboards

Spreadsheets are history, dashboards let you take action now. Improve profitability and sell more with curated, easy-to-build KPI dashboards that integrate data from every source.


Dashboards for every use case

Build dashboards to display the metrics that matter most to your business, including sales, profit, costs, ad spend, CAC, LTV, ROAS & more.

See the metrics that matter

Cross-platform comparisons

Compare campaign-level marketing data across ad platforms. See ROAS by source, spend by campaign, sales by product type and more.

Customise your metrics

You can apply the following trnasformations to metrics:

Filter Icon


Filter metrics to only show certain data. For instance, show spend on a particular campaign or volume of orders of a specific product type.

Breakdowns icon


Breakdown metrics by specific dimensions. For instance, see your ROAS by channel or sales by product type.

Comparison icon


Display multiple metrics on a single chart so you can compare them. For instance, compare sales to CAC to see if they’re going in the same direction.

Share your dashboards easily

Easily share the beautiful dashboards you’ve created with the people that need to see them. View them on web or mobile devices, or have them delivered to your team's inboxes.

Share your dashboards easily

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