Track profit, LTV & more in one beautiful tool

Ditch the spreadsheets and start making more informed decisions about how to grow your business with Analytics by AMP.


Profit & Loss

Get a daily P&L
for your store

Integrate your Shopify store, ad platforms and shipping software to get an up-to-date P&L statement. Put it in a dashboard, on a TV screen or get it sent to your inbox each day.

L&P (1)

Lifetime Value

Measure CAC and LTV so you know how much to spend

Easily see the lifetime value of your customers and the cost of acquiring them so you can figure out how much you can spend to grow.


With LTV cohort reports in Analytics by AMP, you can:


Segment the data

Segment the data by date of first purchase, first product purchased, marketing channel & more to truly understand the LTV and CAC of your various customer segments.

predictive LTV

See predictive LTV

Using data from billions of customers, our predictive AI model can show you what your LTV of any customer segment will likely be moving forward.


See what’s driving LTV

Our LTV Drivers report shows the products, promotions, channels and more that are associated with higher LTV customers so you can easily see how to increase it.

Product journey (1)

Customer Journey Tracking

Track your customer’s journey over time

Track your repurchase rate, repurchase timings, most common products purchased and more. Break it down by first product purchased, marketing channel and more to truly understand the custom journey.


Create custom dashboards

Pull your most important metrics (like profit, ROAS, ad spend, etc) into a single dashboard. View the dashboard on desktop, mobile and even TV’s or have it emailed to you each day.

Custom dashboard


See how you compare to industry benchmarks

See how your most important metrics (like net sales, gross margin, AOV, repurchase rates, blended ROAS, CAC, and more) compare to other
Shopify stores in similar categories.


Integrates with the tools you use

Analytics by AMP integrates directly with your Shopify store as well as the various
ad networks & shipping apps you use to give you real-time analytics on your data. And if an integration isn’t available, you can easily import the data you need.

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Over 20,000 merchants across the world use AMP’s products to grow their business.

Pricing plans to suit your store

Analytics by AMP has several pricing packages to suit different stages of your growth.


per Month
  • Real-time KPI and Profit dashboard
  • Integrate with Facebook & Google ad platforms
  • Data limited to last 30 days


per Month
  • All FREE features
  • Daily P&L report email
  • Add one-time or recurring costs
  • Benchmarks tailored to your store
  • Unlimited ad integrations
  • Complete historical data


$149 per Month
  • All PRO features
  • AI-generated LTV projections for every customer
  • Month-to-month sales forecasts by cohort
  • Unlimited integrations (including Shipstation, Recharge, Klaviyo)

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