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Lifetimely by AMP provides deep insights into P&L, CAC, LTV and customer behavior so you can identify the biggest revenue opportunities and inform growth strategies for your Shopify or Amazon store.

Lifetimely LTV CAC Shopify Analytics by AMP

Users import and see all their numbers in an average of just 10 mins when first connecting Lifetimely


With more than 420 five star reviews on the Shopify App Store, Lifetimely is the go-to analytics app

Profit & Loss

Ditch the spreadsheets. Make timely business decisions with an automated real-time Income Statement

The Lifetimely Income Statement gives an unparalleled level of detail into where your money comes from, and where it’s going, in the form of costs, marketing spend, and operating expenses. View your data as clear Key Performance Indicators to track and plan for growth.


Profit & Loss

Keep your finger on the pulse with a daily P&L report, in your inbox

Stop waiting until the end-of-month for profit & loss reporting via spreadsheets that are already outdated.

Stay on top of your true business health with a daily P&L that's connected to your stores, ad platforms and other costs centres, sent straight to your inbox.


Lifetime Value

Increase overall profitability by comparing CAC and LTV

Are you spending too much to acquire a customer or could you spend more to acquire more valuable long term customers? Easily see the lifetime value of your Shopify and Amazon customers and the cost of acquiring them so you can figure out how much you should spend to grow.


With LTV cohort reports in Lifetimely, you can...

Segment the data

Segment the data by date of first purchase, first product purchased, marketing channel & more to truly understand the LTV and CAC of your various customer segments.


See predictive LTV

Using data from billions of customers globally, our predictive AI model can show you what the LTV of any customer segment is likely to be moving forward.


See what’s driving LTV

Our LTV Drivers report shows the products, promotions, channels and more that are associated with higher LTV customers so you can easily see how to increase it.


Customer Journey Tracking

Understand purchase behavior to optimise retention strategy and drive LTV

Optimize your upsell strategy and marketing campaigns by tracking your repurchase rate, most common purchases, time between orders and more. Filter by first product purchased, frequently bought together, marketing channel and more to truly understand the complete journey.

Lifetimely Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Versatile dashboards for the metrics that matter

See compplete core metrics across the user journey from CAC, ROAS, AOV and LTV all in one dashboard to see where in the funnel to make optimisations and impact profit margins


Integrate with the tools you use

Lifetimely integrates with your Shopify and Amazon stores as well as many ad platforms, shipping apps, email and subscriptions tools, and more to give you real-time analytics on your data. If an integration isn’t available, you can easily import the data you need, no code required.


See how you compare to other brands in your industry

See how your most important metrics (like net sales, gross margin, AOV, repurchase rates, blended ROAS, CAC, and more) compared to other Shopify stores in similar categories.

Pricing plans to suit your business

Try Lifetimely completely free and in full for 30 days


per Month
  • Real-time KPI and Profit dashboard
  • Integrate with Facebook & Google ad platforms
  • Data limited to last 30 days


per Month
  • All FREE features
  • Daily P&L report email
  • Add one-time or recurring costs
  • Benchmarks tailored to your store
  • Unlimited ad integrations
  • Complete historical data


$149 per Month
  • All PRO features
  • AI-generated LTV projections for every customer
  • Month-to-month sales forecasts by cohort
  • Unlimited integrations (including Shipstation, Recharge, Klaviyo)

Amazon Add On

Import Amazon sales data and run reports


Per month

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Here’s what our customers have to say about Lifetimely


A powerhouse of an app at an amazing price! We've used Lifetimely to help determine more accurate budget and sales forecasting. Setting up was a breeze and the support has been timely. Can't wait to see what more they add!

Harney & Sons


Amazing app that brings together data in a really easy to understand way. If you are tracking new and repeat customers with a focus on lifetime value then this is a must.

Customer service is extremely communicative and efficient.



This app is everything we needed. We were working too hard to export customer and order information from Shopify, then to manipulate it further in Excel, both time consuming and frustrating if the results didn't match monthly numbers!!

Lifetimely provides clear insights into customer value and customer behavior. If you aren't using this, you're missing out on valuable marketing takeaways!

One Mighty Mill


Lifetimely has become our most important app in regards to tracking profit vs loss for our retail website.

We know what we spent on ads, apps, and agencies, and we know what our revenue on Shopify is, now we can add in all our other operating costs to get a clear picture on profits. This allows us to make realtime, data based decisions. On top of that, the support team at Lifetimely are amazing.

Hot Leathers

Supercharge your Profitability with Lifetimely