Track your customer’s 
journey over time

Understand your repurchase rate and which products, discount codes, etc. drive repurchases.

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Easily track your repurchase rate

See your 30, 90, 180 & 365 day repurchase rate for new & existing customers in one simple report.

Easily track your repurchase rate

See what products are being bought next

See which products are being bought next so you know what to promote in your post-purchase marketing.

See what products are being bought next

See what Understand what’s driving your 
repurchase rate

Apply filters or change the breakdown to see repurchase rate by first product purchased, discount codes used, country, customer tags & more.

Understand what’s driving your 
repurchase rate

You can easily see your repurchase rate broken down by:



See your repurchase rate by product, product type, SKU & more so you can see which products lead to repeat purchases.



Understand the long-term impact of your promotions by viewing the repurchase rate of customers that use different discount codes.



See the repurchase rate for different countries to learn where your best customers are.



Breakdown reports by customer & order tags to segment reports in ways that suit your business.

Track time between orders

Time your post purchase email marketing campaigns perfectly by seeing average time between orders. Break it down by campaign, discount code, first product purchased & more.

Track time between orders

Measure your subscription metrics

Sell products on a subscription basis? Connect your Recharge account to start tracking and comparing your most important subscription metrics.

Measure your subscription metrics

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Over 20,000 merchants across the world use AMP’s products to grow their business.

Pricing plans to suit your store

Analytics by AMP has several pricing packages to suit different stages of your growth.


per Month
  • Real-time KPI and Profit dashboard
  • Integrate with Facebook & Google ad platforms
  • Data limited to last 30 days


per Month
  • All FREE features
  • Daily P&L report email
  • Add one-time or recurring costs
  • Benchmarks tailored to your store
  • Unlimited ad integrations
  • Complete historical data


$149 per Month
  • All PRO features
  • AI-generated LTV projections for every customer
  • Month-to-month sales forecasts by cohort
  • Unlimited integrations (including Shipstation, Recharge, Klaviyo)

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