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Shopify Plus allows you to have more control over your checkout page. You can customize and create extra detailed fields, alter the information in the payment page and offer discounts, gifts, and free products to selected groups of customers.

While Shopify caters to businesses of all sizes, Shopify Plus takes things up a notch by offering an enterprise-level solution specifically designed for high-growth and high-volume businesses.

Upsell by AMP is a leading Shopify upsells app that boosts your average order value in minutes with impactful pre and post purchase upsells. Let's take a closer look at how it compares to other upsell apps on Shopify.

The goal of upselling is to increase the overall transaction value and profitability. By encouraging customers to spend more, businesses can boost their revenue and potentially increase their profit margins.

From getting started on the platform, to its main features, key benefits, ecosystem and much more, this guide is a comprehensive introduction to selling on Shopify.

AOV or Average Order Value is a merchant every merchant should understand because it sheds insight into customer behavious and highlights opportunities for revenue growth.

Understanding CLV can mean the difference between having a focused and effective growth strategy and firing in the dark, hoping to hit something. Find out how CLV can help you identity who your most valuable customers are.

To help you compare the leading solutions on the market, we’ve broken down the main features and selling points to compare Lifetimely with each major reporting and analytics alternative.

Calculating gross profit is essential for understanding the efficiency of a business’s core operations. It helps determine how much profit is generated solely from the sale of products or services, without considering other expenses that are not directly tied to production.

Every eCommerce metric you need to run your Shopify store, at unmatched prices.