Everything you need to know about Shopify Upsells


    What are upsells on Shopify?

    Upsell refers to the practice of convincing a customer to purchase a higher-priced or upgraded version of a product they are interested in. When it comes to the fundamentals of upselling, there is a lot to consider. Upselling involves persuading customers to consider a premium or upgraded option that provides additional features, benefits, or value. It goes beyond simply offering a basic product or service and encourages customers to explore options that may better suit their needs.


    For example, let’s say a customer is in the market for a yoga mat. An upselling approach could involve recommending a higher quality mat or one that is lighter and more portable. By showcasing these additional features, businesses can entice customers to consider a more advanced option that enhances their overall smartphone experience.

    One of the key goals of upselling is to increase the overall transaction value and profitability. By encouraging customers to spend more, businesses can boost their revenue and potentially increase their profit margins.

    What are Shopify Upsells

    Why is implementing upsells on Shopify beneficial?

    Upselling is more than just a way to boost sales; it also presents several significant benefits for Shopify businesses. Firstly, by effectively upselling, companies can increase their average order value, resulting in higher profits. This can be especially impactful for businesses with low-profit margins, as upselling allows them to make up for the difference by selling higher-priced products.

    Secondly, upselling allows businesses to better showcase their premium offerings and demonstrate their value proposition. By highlighting the superior features and benefits of the upsell options, companies can position themselves as providers of high-quality products. This not only helps build brand reputation but also increases customer trust and loyalty.

    Finally, upselling can be a way to deepen customer satisfaction by ensuring they are aware of and have the opportunity to purchase the best-suited product for their needs. By offering premium alternatives, businesses can help customers make more informed decisions and provide them with products that better align with their preferences and requirements. This, in turn, enhances the overall shopping experience and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

    Cross-sell vs Upsell: What is the difference?

    While both cross-selling and upselling aim to increase sales, there are key differences between the two strategies that businesses should consider.

    Approach and Strategy

    The approach to cross-selling involves recommending complementary products or services. It focuses on providing a more comprehensive solution to the customer. For example, if a customer is purchasing a laptop, a cross-selling approach would suggest adding a laptop bag or a wireless mouse to enhance the overall experience. By offering these additional items, businesses can ensure that customers have everything they need to fully enjoy their purchase.

    Upselling, on the other hand, involves offering higher-priced or upgraded options that provide additional features or benefits. This strategy aims to encourage customers to spend more by presenting them with premium alternatives. For instance, if a customer is considering a basic smartphone, an upselling approach would suggest a higher-end model with better camera quality and more storage capacity. By highlighting the advantages of the upgraded option, businesses can entice customers to invest in a more advanced product.

    Impact on Customer Relationship

    Cross-selling can help build stronger customer relationships by offering personalized recommendations and a tailored shopping experience. Customers may feel valued and understood when businesses anticipate their needs. By suggesting complementary products that align with the customer’s initial purchase, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to providing a comprehensive solution.

    In contrast, upselling can potentially strain the customer relationship if the higher-priced options are perceived as unnecessary or pushy. Customers may feel pressured or manipulated into spending more than they initially intended. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to approach upselling with sensitivity and ensure that the upsell options genuinely add value to the customer’s experience.

    Profitability and Revenue Generation

    In terms of profitability, both strategies can contribute to increased revenue. However, the impact of upselling may be higher as it encourages customers to spend more on each transaction. By presenting customers with premium options that offer enhanced features or benefits, businesses can increase the average transaction value and maximize their profits.

    Cross-selling, while potentially generating additional sales, may not have as substantial an impact on the overall transaction value. However, it can still contribute to revenue growth by introducing customers to new products or services that they may not have considered initially. 

    By expanding the customer’s purchase beyond their initial intent, businesses can increase their sales volume and attract new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

    What is a One-Click Upsell on a Shopify Store?

    On your Shopify store, a one-click upsell is an offer made to a customer immediately after they have made a purchase from your store, inspiring your customers to add related products. The best part is, the customer can add the additional item to their purchase with ease. They do not need to go through the hassle of re-entering a credit card or shipping details, making it incredibly easy to say ‘yes’ to that extra purchase!

    How to add One-Click Upsells to Shopify?

    Adding a one-click upsell to your Shopify store is a breeze if you follow these steps:

    Step 1:

    Go to the shopify app store and install Upsell by AMP to access the most comprehensive, fairly priced upsells app on the market. (No order or upsell limits, with transparent fixed pricing, every upsell dollar is yours!)

    Step 2:

    On your Upsells by AMP app you click on “Configure Post Purchase” to set up your one click upsells.

    Step 3:

    Easily set up parameters for one-click upsells for your Shopify store and set them live.

    Step 4:

    With Upsells by AMP you can also set up pre-purchase upsells, thank- you page upsells, run surveys to receive more feedback from customers and more. What’s more, the app also has inbuilt reporting- get a snapshot of how much revenue each page you have added offers and upsells to is generating and see what your top selling products are to make guided decisions on how to make the most from upsells.

    What is a Pre Purchase Upsell?

    A pre-purchase offer is an exclusive offer that a customer can add to their purchase, before they check out. These offers are usually products or upgrades to the item that your customer is already interested in. This strategy works well with pre-orders, new product launches and exciting limited editions that complement the customer’s original selected purchase. 

    The following are a list of different types of pre-purchase offers:

    Single Pre-Purchase Offer 

    This offer allows for one product similar to the customer’s selection to be offered and added into the cart

    Pre-Purchase Upgrade Offer

    This offer is similar to a single pre-purchase, but it allows the customer to replace the product they want to buy with the upgraded offer. The recommended upgrade types made available to the customer would be different sizes, versions of the brand, and packaged bundles.

    Multi-Product Pre-Purchase Offer

    This offer allows merchants to offer up to five different products at the same time as an add on to their purchase. The add-ons can be added directly to the customers shopping cart. A unique element of this offer is that it can include a Free Shipping bar and a Discount bar for check out purposes

    “Same product as bought” Offer

    This dynamic offer automatically presents the customer with the same product or variation that the customer has already added to the cart, as an upgrade.

    Pre-purchase orders offer many benefits to your business on Shopify.

    Firstly, it boosts revenue by securing sales before products become available, such as pre-ordering. By measuring demand before production of a new product, you can increase overall revenue and average order value (AOV).

    Secondly, it helps gain insight into which products resonate with your audience, helping them find products they actually need. Surveys and reviews after purchase will build a good database 

    Thirdly, it can help production decisions be based on data, not on vague market research. This will help keep a precise inventory, avoiding the costly nuisance of overstocking.

    Finally, pre-purchase offers can enhance customer trust. Relevant and well-timed upsells can fortify a customer’s positive shopping experience. This can reduce the need to constantly acquire new customers, giving more value to your existing marketing efforts.

    What is the best Shopify upsell app?

    Looking for the right upsell app for your store is very important, especially since you may need the design to match your target audience. 

    With the Upsell by AMP app, you can see your average order value lift in minutes when you inspire your customers to add related products/ accessories across Product page, Cart, Checkout and Thank you pages, and increase units per transaction. Additionally, you can track and report on revenue growth with real-time analytics dashboards. 

    Don’t wait another day to start maximizing your revenue potential, install and try Upsell by AMP. Experiment, track your results, and witness the power of upsells firsthand.