Measure CAC & LTV in 
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Make more profitable business decisions backed by precise month-to-month LTV projections and AI driven predictions for every customer.


Stay on on track to hit sales targets with LTV reports

View 3, 6, 9 and 12 month LTV averages to make sure you are pacing above average compared to the year before.

Instantly create cohort reports to see CAC & LTV

Break it down to find your biggest growth opportunities

Apply filters or change the cohort breakdown to see CAC & Lifetime Value by product first purchased, discount codes used, country, customer tags & more.

Break it down to find your best customers

You can easily see your CAC & LTV broken down by:



See your CAC & LTV by product, product type, SKU & more so you can see which products generate high-value customers.



Understand the long-term impact of your promotions by viewing the CAC & LTV of customers that use different discount codes.



See the CAC & LTV for different countries to learn where your best customers are.



Breakdown reports by customer & order tags to segment reports in ways that suit your business.

Predict future LTV

Our predictive LTV model uses AI to estimate future LTV of different segments of your customer base, allowing you to make more informed decisions about LTV, CAC payback period & more.

Predict future LTV

Insights into top LTV drivers

Use the LTV drivers report to see which products, discount codes, countries, tags & more correlate to a higher (or lower) LTV.

See the factors that drive LTV

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