More revenue from every shopper

Perfectly curated Post Purchase product recommendations, allowing your customers to add to their existing order in just One-Click


Online stores are adding an average of 30% extra revenue within a month using Upsell


One-Click makes buying easy

Streamline the checkout process and eliminate the need for shoppers to re-enter payment information. Encourage hassle-free transactions and cost savings as shoppers save on shipping and packaging with one-click purchases.

Personalize offers, at scale

Set up custom rules to ensure every shopper is presented with the most relevant and enticing offer based on their previous purchases.

Target by Item

Promote different offers based on items the customer previously purchased.


Target by Value

Change the items you promote based on how much they’ve previously spent.


Target by Location

Select different items to promote based on the customer’s geographic location.


Strike while intent is highest

Drive customer loyalty right after checkout and encourage spending while intent to buy is at its peak.

Present irresistible post-purchase offers that complement their recently completed order, driving AOV in minutes and reducing the cost, time and effort of retaining customers.

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) without affecting conversion rate. Post purchase offers are presented between the Checkout and Thank You Pages, so you encourage upsells and cross sells, without disrupting the buying experience.

Analyze and optimize every placement

See simple yet powerful analytics that show the success of your different Post Purchase offers, such as average upsell value, conversion rate, and page drop-off.


No revenue fees or order limits, every upsell dollar is yours!

Try Upsell completely free and in full for 30 days


per Month
  • Unlimited Orders and Upsells
  • One Click Post Purchase Upsell
  • Upsell PDP, Cart and Thank You page
  • Slide Cart - Completely Customizable
  • Upsell Journeys - Custom and Recommended
  • Post Purchase Surveys
  • Advanced Reporting

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Here’s what our customers have to say about Upsell


The support and engineering team here are the best.

I have moved from REBUY due to the outrageous pricing and I do not regret moving to Upsell by AMP. A big thumbs up from me.



The upsell opportunities offered by the app are intuitive and effective, significantly boosting sales without compromising the customer experience.

This app is a must-have for any Shopify store owner looking to increase sales without sacrificing excellent customer service.

Naughty Nuts


Really great app! We switched from Zipify and haven't looked back. The app offers all you need when it comes to upsells and customizations. All this at a fraction of the cost! This is a no-brainer if you want to save a few K's a year. The team is also super responsive and helpful.

Highly recommend!

The Foldie


Upsell by AMP is working remarkably well for us. We are converting around 1 in 5 for those that did not take the initial upsell offer and even converting customers for an additional upsells after they add offers in cart. I really like how easy it is to use, it has a simple design and it works!

Pets Social

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