Lifetimely vs BeProfit

A quick look at how BeProfit’s features and pricing compare to Lifetimely.

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Whether you’re new to the market, looking to make a switch, or simply curious about what else is out there, it’s helpful to have at least a high-level understanding of the major solutions available to you.

Here, we break down the key selling points and differences between Lifetimely and BeProfit.

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Lifetimely BeProfit
All plans under $150/mo
Pricing not tied to revenue
All basic integrations (Google, FB, Bing)
Integrations with all other major ad platforms (Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok)
Other integrations
Comprehensive P&L metrics
Advanced Customization Options
Lifetime Value cohort analysis
Month-to-month LTV projections
Industry benchmarks


Key points

  • BeProfit charges an extra fee up to $500/month for orders above your plan’s limit.
  • BeProfit has a complicated pricing structure that ties to features, monthly orders, and gross merchandise value.
  • Lifetimely’s plans are more affordable and include more features.
  • Lifetimely’s most premium plan is $149/month no matter how high your revenue.

At BeProfit, pricing depends on your number of monthly orders and the features you want included in your plan. There is also a penalty if your monthly orders exceed your plan’s limit. Their only plan without a monthly order limit is the Plus plan, which is priced based on gross merchandise value.

They offers 4 tiers of plans:

  • BeProfit Basic: $25/mo up to 200 monthly orders, with an additional 30 cents per order above that limit. No marketing metrics or LTV cohort analysis.
  • BeProfit Pro: $75/mo up to 600 monthly orders, with an additional 20 cents per order above that limit. No marketing metrics or multistore dashboard.
  • BeProfit Ultimate: $150/mo up to 1200 monthly orders, with an additional 10 cents per order above that limit.
  • BeProfit Plus+: Unlimited orders for $250/month up to $10M GMV, with custom pricing beyond that.

At Lifetimely, we offer four plans: FREE ($0/mo), BASIC ($34/mo), PRO ($75), and PLUS ($149). Each Lifetimely plan includes more features than an equivalent plan at BeProfit.

For example, Lifetimely PRO includes campaign-level marketing metrics, multistore support, and several other advanced features that BeProfit Pro lacks. Lifetimely PLUS adds LTV projections, industry benchmarks, and several other reports not offered by BeProfit Ultimate or Plus+.

Despite offering more features, our plans are almost always the more affordable option. Our BASIC plan includes up to 500 orders and our PRO plan up to 1500, but we don't penalize members with extra per-order fees. This means that for stores with at least 300 monthly orders, Lifetimely plans are always cheaper than equivalent BeProfit plans. BeProfit also doesn't offer a FREE plan for stores just starting out.

Lifetimely is also the clear choice for high revenue stores, since our Plus plan costs just $149 month.


Key points

  • BeProfit and Lifetimely overlap on most integrations.
  • .BeProfit offers a few more niche integrations, including Outbrain and Taboola, while Lifetimely offers an integration with ShipStation
  • Lifetimely provides a Klaviyo integration that BeProfit lacks.
  • BeProfit also supports stores that sell on Wix and Woo.
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Amazon, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Microsoft Ads, Klaviyo, Pinterest Ads, ReChargeShipBobShipStation, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads.


Aliexpress, Amazon, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Outbrain, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, Taboola, TikTok Ads, WixWoo.
(*as of October 2023)

Metrics and Reporting

Key points

  • Lifetimely’s and BeProfit’s P&L metrics and marketing metrics are comprehensive and roughly equivalent.
  • Lifetimely has much more advanced dashboard customization options.
  • Both Lifetimely and BeProfit calculate LTV via cohort analysis with additional metrics and filters, but Lifetimely’s LTV analytics are much more robust.
  • BeProfit charges at least 3x more than Lifetimely for plans that include marketing metrics.

P&L metrics, marketing metrics, and dashboards

The standard P&L metrics and reports included in all Lifetimely and BeProfit plans are very similar. Both apps offer a comprehensive P&L dashboard, a product-centered report, and a tab that lists the details of individual orders.

Lifetimely includes a few more metrics on these reports, but the difference is small, and anyone switching from one app’s Basic plan to the other would face very little learning curve.

But Lifetimely Pro and Plus plans include a huge range of features that help you build unlimited customized dashboards with your choice of P&L metrics, campaign-level marketing metrics, and advanced reports. You can set goals, establish target safe zones for your metrics, create dashboard for different team roles, and easily share reports with outside stakeholders.

On the other hand, BeProfit has very limited customization options, and marketing metrics are only available on the $150/mo Ultimate plan or custom-priced Plus plan.

LTV and other advanced metrics

Like Lifetimely, BeProfit uses cohort analysis to calculate customer lifetime value (LTV). Their LTV report doesn’t include nearly as many alternative LTV metrics or filtering capabilities as Lifetimely, but it still provides enough options to be an effective tool for customer segmentation and analysis.

Lifetimely’s customer behavior reports are also much more robust and include far more tools for deriving actionable insights from your data.

Some advanced features in Lifetimely that don’t exist in BeProfit:

  • Repurchase rate reports for learning the buying habits of repurchasing customers.
  • Customer product journey maps for planning effective winback campaigns.
  • Compare cohorts feature for apples-to-apples comparisons of how different customer traits influence LTV.
  • LTV drivers report for automated insights on the factors underlying your highest and lowest LTV customers.

Lifetimely is also the only app to offer month-to-month LTV projections, which we’ll cover below.

LTV Report

Lifetime Value Report with predictive data

Other major features and selling points

Key points

  • Integrations aside, BeProfit’s only major feature without an equivalent in Lifetimely is a UTM attribution tool.
  • Lifetimely is the only app on the market with monthly LTV projections, industry benchmarks, and other automated reports.

Nearly all of BeProfit’s features have equivalents in Lifetimely and other apps. The main exception is their versatility in supporting stores that sell on Wix, Woo, and Amazon. Their AliExpress chrome extension is also unique, and unlike Lifetimely, their Ultimate and Plus plans include a UTM attribution tool that helps you assign credit to the marketing efforts that are most responsible for each of your orders.

Lifetimely has many more differentiators, including several core features that no other competitor can offer. Among these, the highest value-adds are:

  • Month-to-month LTV projections: Many apps measure historical LTV, but only Lifetimely gives you AI-generated projections of how much each of your cohorts will continue to spend over time. These LTV projections are the most actionable metrics available for revenue forecasting, financial planning, and customer-centric marketing.

  • Industry benchmarks: Our Benchmarks tool shows you how your KPIs stack up versus your competitors by charting your major metrics on a bell curve of other Shopify stores. This helps you set achievable business goals and identify which metrics have the greatest room for improvement. No other app on the market has a comparable tool.

Benchmarks against other stores in your category

Conclusion - which is best for you?

BeProfit is a good option if you sell on Wix or Woo Commerce. Its chrome extension is also useful if you dropship with AliExpress.

Otherwise, Lifetimely’s plans offer much stronger sets of features than equivalent plans at BeProfit, and for a lower cost.

Lifetimely offers more comprehensive metrics, far more customization options, the most accurate LTV data in the industry, and several unique industry-defining features.

All of these are available for a lower cost than a comparable BeProfit plan. These savings become even more pronounced as your store grows, with higher revenue stores on premium plans saving up 5x or more with Lifetimely. You also never have to worry about automatically-triggered fees for exceeding a fixed plan's order limit.

If you’d like to give us a try, you can sign up for our FREE plan or give one of our premium plans a free 14-day trial here.

And if you have any questions, just shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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