Case Study

How Feastables used Cohort Analytics to drive retention.

Founded by Youtube sensation Mr Beast in January 2022, snack brand Feastables launched with a big bang when their promotional “I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!” video went viral on the internet.

Since then the eCommerce brand has used Lifetimely data, to sell tens of millions of dollars worth of chocolates and cookies.




Food & Drink

Shopify Plus

Purchase journey

Gained visibility into customer purchase journeys over time.

predictive LTV

Leveraged data to run promotions and retention campaigns.

Increase Visibility

Had real-time visibility into unit economics for faster tweaks in strategy.

The Challenge

As a result of their successful brand launch, Feastables was acquiring tens of thousands of new customers but the team had no visibility on how those customer cohorts were repurchasing and their unit economics.

A big part of the brand’s business strategy was to run creative giveaways but without data to inform when to run promotions and which SKUs to promote, they experienced poor customer retention. 

Feastables Head of Marketing, Product & Growth, Ben Acott, then turned to Lifetimely, to revamp their customer retention strategy.  

“Incredible breakdown by cohorts and easy to digest data. I’ve used Lifetimely by AMP as part of my core stack for over 20+ Shopify brands I look after and nothing comes close in terms of ease-of-use, price and support / input from the team”.

- Ben Acott, Head of Marketing, Product & Growth

The Results

Using Lifetimely’s cohort analysis reports, Feastables redesigned their follow-up offers and retention campaigns.

They were able to have an accurate understanding of how promotion cohorts performed over time, what their profitability looked like and how they affected customer purchase behavior.

With these reports readily available the team could run internal analysis faster and implement changes to campaigns more effectively.

The Bottom Line

With Lifetimely’s cohort analytics, Feastables had visibility into their unit economics. Their team leveraged customer behavior reports to perfectly time promotional giveaways and follow-up offers, resulting in a significant increase in customer retention.

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