Case Study

How GND Fitness achieved a 33% increase in AOV.

Standing for Goals and Determination, GND Fitness believes in empowering its customers to set goals, achieve those goals and repeat the process for continuous growth. This growth mindset, cultivated by Founder Garth Stivey, has been applied to the brand’s business objectives. 

By working with SlideCart and Shipping by AMP, GND Fitness boosted their revenue, saved time and increased customer satisfaction.

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The Challenge

GND Fitness were offering high quality products to their customers but were struggling to find new ways to motivate customers to spend more with each order. By creating bundles as individual SKUs, the brand saw minimal uplift in AOV.

Determined to find a way to increase AOV, Garth and the team turned to SlideCart by AMP.

“SlideCart by AMP has made a massive impact on our average order value. By being able to offer bundles, recommendations, free shipping and more, we’ve really been able to increase how much the average customer spends by 33% in less than a year, without increasing our raw costs dramatically”.

- Garth Stivey, Founder & Owner, GND Fitness

The Solution

With SlideCart, GND Fitness saw an increase in the number of units per transaction by offering a variety of 'frequently bought together' product offers and bundles to customers.

Slidecart empowered the brand to leverage multiple nudges, such as being able to offer multiple rewards like discounts and free shipping on the same order, and motivate customers to spend more. 

As a result of optimizing their sticky cart optimizations, the brand realised a 33% uplift in AOV this year.

Additionally, by using Shipping by AMP to manage rates and automate fulfilments for Australia Post, GND saved time and increased customer satisfaction by getting products shipped to customers four times faster than before. 

“I love the ease of use with Shipping by AMP. The fact that you can set up automations has been a game changer for how we manage fulfillments.”

- Garth Stivey, Founder & Owner, GND Fitness

The Bottom Line

With SlideCart and Shipping by AMP GND saw a 33% increase in AOV,  is able to test and iterate on the impact of different offers and rewards in cart and use automations to fulfil 4x the number of orders in the same amount of time.

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