Case Study

True Classic

True Classic, a menswear brand that started with the mission to help the everyday guy look good and feel good in a t-shirt that finally fits right at an accessible price. The Shopify brand grew from $0 to $150 million in revenue and with that growth came the need for comprehensive lifetime value analytics.

Automates reporting for all teams

Automates reporting
for all teams

Able to measure actual contribution margin

Able to measure actual contribution margin

Tracks and accounts for changes

Tracks and accounts for changes in data for orders with multiple states

The Challenge

The eCommerce brand were initially facing challenges with manual and inaccurate reporting.

True Classic had done retention analysis before, but factoring in all the variable costs and refunds was hard.

The True classic team were having to manually create Profit & Loss (P&L) reports and factor in costs from various platforms like shipping or marketing.

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The Results

Today, the entire True Classic team uses Lifetimely for reporting and each team member receives an automated, customised report in their inbox every morning.

In Lifetimely, they could track not just cohort revenue but actual contribution margin after refunds, product, shipping, and marketing costs.

The Bottom Line

True Classic leverage Lifetimely as their source of truth for their KPI’s and use it as a full BI reporting tool because unlike many enterprise BI tools, Lifetimely works well specifically with eCommerce data.

Lifetimely is able to track changes within orders that have multiple states such as refunds, exchanges, order edits and more. Liftimely is also able to match data across multiple eCommerce solutions,- ie; matching shipment data across Shopify and Shipstation- to determine the actual shipping cost and fulfillment date for an order. These capabilities make Lifetimely suited to provide accurate and complete eCommerce reporting for fast growing brands.

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