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What kind of businesses should partner?


eCommerce consultants can use Amp products to better understand their client’s business (including metrics like profit, AOV, CAC, ROAS, etc) and make more informed recommendations on how they can grow

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can use Amp to track ROI of campaigns & improve conversion rates, and ultimate help their customers grow faster


Shopify developers can use AMP products to build higher-converting stores faster and easier

How AMP products help stores grow

AMP’s suite of eCommerce tools help stores grow faster by improving conversion rates, increasing AOV and enabling you to acquire more customers at a positive ROI

Increase conversion & AOV

SlideCart & 1-Click Upsell help improve conversion & AOV by giving merchants opportunities to offer related products & upsells through the checkout flow

Understand key metrics

Lifetimely by AMP makes it easy to see key eCommerce metrics like profit, CAC, LTV, ROAS & more, which ultimately enables you to acquire more customers at a positive ROI

Ship orders more effectively

Shipping by AMP enables businesses to display live shipping rates on their store and streamline their fulfilment process

Custom dashboard

How you benefit

As an AMP partner, you benefit by getting new customer referrals, earning recurring revenue on any clients that you refer to us, and being able to provide better services to clients.

Get new customers

AMP products are used by over 20,000 merchants worldwide, many of whom could benefit from the kind of expert help you could provide

Earn more revenue

Earn up to 30% recurring revenue from any customers you refer to our products.

Provide better services

AMP products can help improve your service offering (I.e. by giving you better metrics on your client’s business, or helping you build higher converting stores).

Over 20,000 merchants use AMP

Over 20,000 merchants across the world use AMP’s products to grow their business.

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