Track your performance against industry benchmarks

See how your business stacks up against other eCommerce stores across 11 key metrics, including sales, gross margin, AOV, repurchase rate, CAC, ROAS & more.


Profit & Loss Metrics

See how your sales & margin metrics stack up compared to other stores like yours. Metrics include:

Net Sales

Contribution Margin

Gross Margin

Contribution margin
New Customer AOV

Order Metrics

See how your average order value compares to other businesses and whether there’s room to grow.

New Customer AOV

Returning Customer AOV

Retention Metrics

Learn whether you’re doing a good job of retaining customers or whether there is room for improvement.

90 day new customer repurchase rate

180 day new customer repurchase rate

180 day repeat customer repurchase rate

90-day New Customer Repurchase
New Customer AOV

Acquisition Metrics

See how effective you are at acquiring new customers.

Blended ROAS

Blended new customer CAC

Marketing % of net sales

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Pricing plans to suit your store

Analytics by AMP has several pricing packages to suit different stages of your growth.


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  • Benchmarks tailored to your store
  • Unlimited ad integrations
  • Complete historical data


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  • All PRO features
  • AI-generated LTV projections for every customer
  • Month-to-month sales forecasts by cohort
  • Unlimited integrations (including Shipstation, Recharge, Klaviyo)

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