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Increase revenue from every shopper with onsite personalization and make fast profit-driven decisions with deep business insights for long term growth.

Lifetimely and Upsell connected Shopify apps to grow eCommerce profits

One platform. Two powerful Shopify apps. Endless growth opportunities

From understanding customer purchase behavior to inform your onsite Upsell strategy to seeing your P&L, CAC pay back and LTV ratio. Make more revenue from every shopper, inform profit-driven strategies and unlock long term growth with Lifetimely and Upsell.


All the business metrics that matter

Make fast profit driven decisions with deep insights

Optimize your business with real-time, actionable and automated analytics on P&L, CAC, LTV and customer behavior. Lifetimely allows you to ditch the spreadsheets and identify the biggest revenue opportunities to inform successful growth strategies.

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I can't recommend Lifetimely enough, it would benefit every eCommerce store to have it installed and review the data.


I experimented with a half-dozen upsell apps over the past year, Upsell by AMP blows them all out of the water.


Pre and Post Purchase One-Click Upsells

Make more revenue from every shopper

Give your online shoppers perfectly curated product recommendations and rewards throughout the buying journey. From product pages, cart and checkout, to post purchase, Upsell boosts AOV and creates a personalized shopping experience.


10 mins

Users see all their metrics and insights in an average of just 10 minutes when first connecting Lifetimely


AMP apps have more than 1,200 Five Star Reviews on the Shopify App Store


Customers are increasing their customer lifetime value (LTV) by an average of 12% when using Lifetimely

We integrate with the tools Shopify businesses use everyday


Pull in all your real-time Shopify revenue and costs, and optimize your store.


Sell on Amazon? See and compare your business and customer insights to your Shopify store.


Connect TikTok to factor in your marketing spends.


Connect Meta to factor in your Facebook and Instagram marketing spends.


Connect Google Ads to factor in your marketing spend.


Track and optimize your subscription strategy for repurchase rate and lifetime value with Recharge.


Integrate Klaviyo with Lifetimely for deep insights into customer segments.

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See how you stack up against other eCommerce stores across 11 key metrics.

Find out how CLV can help you identity who your most valuable customers are.

Boost revenue and increase profit margins by encouraging customers to spend more.

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