Jan 31, 2024

AMPloyee Spotlight: Meet Anoop, Head of Product for Conversion!

Meet Anoop Kumar, AMP’s Head of Product for Conversion! Anoop is based out of AMP’s Singapore office and has called the sunny equatorial island home with his wife, for the last decade. When he’s not working hard to boost AOV for our customers he spends most of his time as a happy paw-rent to Pip, a 3 year old Singapore Special dog!

We caught up with Anoop to learn more about life on the Conversion team and how AMP is creating a holistic way for Shopify merchants to install the highest converting slide cart, and upgrade their checkout, post-purchase, thank you and order status pages with AOV boosting upsells.

How long have you worked at AMP?

I have been with AMP for just over a year now and it has been a great ride thus far. The speed of work and people around me are a few key reasons why I love it at AMP.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It can change a lot but  there are some common elements. We are customer obsessed, so any chance I can have to speak with the customers about their opinions on our products or any pain points – that takes precedence over everything. We believe in shipping fast and shipping often – so a lot of learning and iterating. Lastly, I keep some time reserved every week to come up with big rocks that we want to move (instead of incremental changes) that can bring in massive improvement in experience for our customers. 

What have you and the conversion team been up to recently?

To name a few, 

1) We are adding new elements to our flagship app’s onboarding so that merchants can set-up AOV- improving upsells even faster. 

2) We have launched post-purchase surveys that are integrated with AMP’s other flagship app – Lifetimely by AMP

Our goal is to provide a multitude of benefits to our merchants from a single platform to take away the mental and financial load of managing multiple solutions that don’t talk to each other.

What is something merchants should consider when choosing a solution to help with conversion?

Conversion improvement strategies can vary so much from category to category. Your plan of action, if you are a specialty store selling a few items, can be very different from an apparel brand with hundreds of variants. So, having a solution that caters to your shopper’s buying journey is a great starting point. 

Our goal at AMP Conversion is to provide this flexibility to merchants to set up upsells/widgets that cater to their specific needs irrespective of complexity. Lastly, responsiveness of the support team and infrastructure reliability for the solution. This gets disproportionately important during key peak seasons.

What is one piece of advice you would give merchants trying to boost sales in 2024? 

I will share what we have observed at AMP and try to do it for our merchants. As merchants, we do a lot to bring customers to our storefronts via ads, influencers etc. Once a customer is in the store, we need to continue to showcase the best customer journey all the way from the landing page to that thank you email. 

Try different upsells at different stages for different customers. Sometimes you may want to surface items multiple times before it is added to cart, and for some customers just an in-cart promotion would do. 

Once you have cracked the formula that generates the highest AOV or revenue – finesse the widgets to make sure they are all on-brand.

What is your favorite thing about working on the Conversion team at AMP? 

We are doing impactful work at breakneck speed that’s generating value for thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs – it’s a great mission. Conversion team is also stacked with superstars with a sense of humor that keeps me going! 

The conversion team is always working on ways to help Shopify merchants generate revenue and insights from every customer journey. Interested in the Conversion: Upsells & Surveys app and want to know more? Get in touch for more information.

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