Nov 27, 2023

AMPloyee Spotlight: Meet Mitchel from Customer Support!

Meet Mitchel Swanson, a 30 year old west coast Canadian living in Porto, Portugal. When he’s not supporting our merchants, you’ll find him climbing rocks, riding bikes, trying to catch waves, and playing with his dog. He also loves travelling and cooking elaborate meals for his friends and family.

We caught up with Mitchel to find out what customer support on the Lifetimely by AMP team is like. Here’s what he had to say!

How long have you been working at AMP?

Just over one year!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I do onboarding and support calls all day, every day! I do some prep to understand who I’m speaking with and their industry so I can better tailor our reports to be more relevant for their needs. Past that, I manage a steady flow of email and Slack inquiries from our merchants to help make sure their needs are met and they are getting the most from our software. 

Why does your role in the Onboarding team matter?

I speak with lots of merchants who are diving into their brand’s analytics for the first time. There is a lot of data and insights available in Lifetimely and it can be overwhelming. It’s important for us to take the time to go through every report and nuance of the app to ensure they have a solid understanding of the reports and how to leverage them. 

What is the first thing a store should consider when they’re entering the onboarding phase?

What are your goals, objectives, or business insights you’re looking to achieve or help uncover? Let’s get your costs and expenses set up so we can leverage all of our metrics 🙂

What’s the biggest challenge you typically see stores facing during the onboarding process?  How do you help them through that challenge?

There are a couple of things. The first is not finishing the cost & expenses set up. I help by offering to book a separate call to focus squarely on setting everything up. Sometimes I just have them send me the info and I’ll set it up for them.

What one piece of advice would you give to a store looking to launch analytics? 

Leverage your support team! We’re always here to help. I’ve spoken with over 1000 merchants this past year and your brand’s pain points might not be unique. We’ll offer insights and support however we can. 

What’s your favourite thing about working in Onboarding at Lifetimely by AMP? 

I love learning from and meeting with different brands and merchants of all sizes and industries. Whether it’s someone fulfilling their passion project from their garage or a household name brand. It’s great to connect with our merchants directly. 

Mitchel is part of a team of dedicated subject matter experts on the Lifetimely by AMP team. Having trouble navigating your Lifetimely account? Check out the help center or reach out to us.

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