Jun 5, 2024

6 Best SEO Apps for Shopify in 2024 to Boost Rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important component of a successful Shopify store. Achieving high rankings in a search result is the key to attracting traffic and growing sales. According to statistics, Google processes over 8.5 billion searches every day, and you have to try to be at the top of the list and be seen. The good news is that you don’t have to be a master of SEO to achieve greatness. 

Shopify offers built-in SEO capabilities, however, specialized SEO applications can take your content to the next level. Several excellent apps can help you streamline the process. Let’s explore 6 of the best Shopify SEO apps in 2024, along with their descriptions, app store ratings, key features, and links to their listings.

  1. Yoast SEO – SEO for Everyone

If you’re familiar with WordPress SEO, Yoast SEO brings that same user-friendly experience to Shopify with over 10 years of SEO experience and 12 million active users. It’s the ideal choice for merchants of any experience level, as they guide you to craft SEO-rich product descriptions and blog posts. With its intuitive suggestions and real-time feedback, Yoast helps your store in the following ways: 

  • Readability and keyword analysis
  • Automatic internal linking suggestions
  • Real-time content optimization guidance
  • XML sitemap generation
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Breadcrumbs control
  • Yoast SEO has integrated with Judge.me, Loox, Ali review & Opinew to output AggregateRating schema

Ranked at 3.9/5 on Shopify, this free base app will guide and assist your SEO content to level up your store’s Google rank.

  1. SearchPie – SEO Booster and Speed Optimizer

SearchPie, similar to SEO Suite, is a powerful app that goes beyond basic content optimization. This app tackles the technical side of SEO, while focusing on site speed which is a crucial factor in customer experience and rankings. SearchPie’s unique selling point is that it’s designed for beginners to advanced users of SEO, this app is an essential solution to all business sizes. The following are its key features:

  • Technical SEO audits
  • JSON-LD structured data optimization
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Site speed enhancement

Ranked at 4.9/5 on Shopify, and a price range of $0 to $99, this app has a user-friendly interface, clear analytics, a highly praised customer support team and many recommendations from its users. 

  1. Tiny SEO – Speed & Image Optimizer

Images can slow down a site, seriously hurting your site’s optimization. With Tiny SEO, it compresses your images without sacrificing the quality. Additionally, it helps you set up ALT text and meta tags, and conducts SEO manager reports, all essential elements for search engines. The following are Tiny SEO’s key features:

  • Automatic image compression
  • Image ALT text optimization
  • Lazy loading for faster page load times
  • Broken link detection and 404/301 redirect feature 

Ranked 5/5 on Shopify, and a price range from $0 to $96, this speedy SEO app with automatic optimization features is praised for identifying areas for improvement in this sector, helping you reach the rank you need.

  1. MinifyMe – File Optimization

MinifyMe takes a behind-the-scenes role to boost your Shopify store’s speed. It cleans up code to make your page load lightning-fast, making the customer experience a happier one. Whether you are a beginner or experienced with SEO, this app allows you to optimize your site without developer assistance. These are the features of MinifyMe:

  • Minifies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Combines files for fewer HTTP requests
  • One-click optimization process

Ranking on Shopify at 3.5/ 5, and pricing between $0 to $99.99, this app could be your answer to a faster online store and higher rank.

  1. TurboBoost : Pagespeed Booster

TurboBoost focuses on site speed – a very important factor in your store’s Google ranking. It uses various strategies to ensure your pages deliver content with the optimum speed to boost customer experience and your SEO rankings. The following are more features of TurboBoost:

  • Intelligent code and script optimization
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Image preloading for a visually smoother experience
  • Lazy loading images

Ranked on Shopify as 5/5 and priced from $0 to $150 per month, TurboBoost provides everything you need for SEO in one place.

  1. GoSEO – SEO Product Optimizer

GoSEO excels in helping you optimize the finer details that make a big difference. It creates the process of setting up meta tags and structured data that keeps your rank higher. This app is beginner-friendly and generates an SEO score for your optimized website. These are the features of GoSEO:

  • Meta tags and title templates
  • JSON-LD structured data
  • Social media meta tag optimization
  • 404 management page
  • Image optimizer

Ranking on Spotify at 4.9/5 and priced from $0 and $14 from a premium plan, GoSEO has been described by its users as a ‘game-changer’ and a ‘time-saver’ for its potential to boost sales and traffic.

Mastering Shopify SEO takes effort, but the right apps can streamline the process. Be sure to monitor your improvements over time!

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Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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