Jul 3, 2024

6 Best Shopify Apps for Beauty and Skincare Stores 2024.

For beauty brands looking for the perfect platform to set up a shop, Shopify stands out as the top contender. With features such as customizable templates, marketing tools and many more, Shopify caters to the unique needs of beauty and skincare stores. In this article, we’ll list the top 6 must-have apps that can take your skincare or beauty store to the next level. 

Why is Shopify Good for Beauty Stores?

The beauty industry’s eCommerce transformation over the past 5 years shows no signs of slowing down. Online beauty stores will take up 28% of the total eCommerce space in 2024, up by 17% from 2019 and set to grow to over 30% in 2026. Shopify is a highly reliable platform, offers a good level of customization and more importantly, grows with your brand. So, whether you are just getting started in beauty, or you have a large database already, an online store with Shopify is an excellent way to power your beauty or skincare store. 

What Should You Look For when Choosing a Shopify App for Fashion?

Before diving into specific third-party app recommendations, here are key considerations when evaluating Shopify apps:

  • Infrastructure: Will it integrate with your existing tech stack? Could the app cause your store to load slowly or affect SEO?
  • Functionality: Does the app offer the features you need to enhance your beauty store?
  • Ease of Use: Does the developer offer good, personalized prompt support? Is setup easy? Is there any code required?
  • Pricing: Will the pricing plan align with your budget? Is there a free trial period?

Let’s dive into the app recommendations.

6 Best Shopify apps for Beauty and Skincare Stores

  1. Beauty Clout

Shopify rating: 3.8/5

Influencers and beauty gurus play a large part in beauty and skincare marketing. In fact, businesses are making over $5 for every $1 spent on influencers, which is why Beauty Clout is on our list!  

Beauty Clout is an influencer marketing platform. It connects influencers as well as importing your product catalog to create a campaign and collaborate with brands. This app supports all social platforms and allows influencers to promote discounts for their followers. 

5/5 Review by Crowned Lengths: “This app is easy to use and you have access to a lot of well known people. A great way to get your brand seen.”

2. Upsell by AMP

Shopify rating: 5/5

Upselling relevant or complementary skincare products, and offering customized bundles for your beauty brand can increase your average order value exponentially. Upsell by AMP makes the upselling process smooth without any issues of re-entering credit cards, shipment addresses, with no order or upsell limits. This app is social proof and fitted with real-time analytics so you can watch your revenue grow.

5/5 Review by ingarden: “the app is very easy to use and intuitive. the support team is also wonderful and quick to respond within the app chatbot as well as via email when they are offline (which is actually rare!) I highly recommend this app as it is highly customizable for such an easy quick add app so anyone can use from a first time shopify owner to an experienced multi-store owner.”

3. Lifetimely by AMP

Shopify rating: 4.9/5

Lifetimely by AMP equips you with insights and reports, critical for business decisions to scale your brand. Tracking your store’s data is a very necessary addition to understanding your customers’ wants and needs. This app can assist you with managing shipping, advertising costs, product orders, calculate customer lifetime value, revenue trends and even social proof analytics. 

5/5 Review by GROOM: “Despite not being a number-crunching guy, I truly enjoy playing around with the app. I am impressed at how Lifetimely transfers raw data into intelligible graphs and charts that intuitively spark reflexion on how and where to improve the business. Support is excellent too. Well done guys!”

4. BLOOP: Referrals and Loyalty

Shopify rating: 5/5

BLOOP Referrals and Loyalty app is a referral marketing app that encourages affiliates to find new customers through enhanced word-of-mouth, benefits and loyalty programs. This app helps you set up a referral campaign quickly and seamlessly integrates with other popular apps. Additionally, it has a dedicated support team to assist you at any point. 

5/5 Review by eto: “From day 1 Jena has been extremely helpful, and very quick to respond to any questions or requests we have. Even if the app doesn’t have a specific feature, they are quick to discuss options of what will be possible, and how long it will take to develop a fix for our issue, or the feature we are requesting. Extremely helpful, supportive, and friendly.”

5. Blanka Makeup Beauty Cosmetics

Shopify rating: 4.9/5

Want a quick and easy way to start a makeup line in less than 5 minutes? Blanka is a platform that offers beauty products, customized cosmetics, personalized, vegan, men’s skincare, accessories and many more for you to set up your own line. This app assists you with subscription boxes, automated dropshipping, online support and you can order samples before you sell them on Shopify. What an incredible app!

5/5 Review by Escape: “Setting up a new brand within our platform has been a pleasant experience. Apart from professionally and promptly responding to the many emails I have submitted, Mae And the team have been incredible with providing all the information information I’ve required. Perhaps the ultimate sign of customer service is that I had accidentally purchased the package without taking advantage of the free period, and they went ahead and credited my account before I even noticed. Superb customer service, looking forward to growing our brand with Mae from Blanka.”

6. Loox ‑ Product Reviews App

Shopify rating: 4.9/5

Loox is a social proof app that helps brands build trust and drive sales while maintaining your site’s speed at maximum even if you have videos and photos. It assists you to set up social network upsells, collecting product reviews and syncing them to your Shopify store, ratings to be shared across platforms and drives sales with one-click referrals.

5/5 Review by Radovana: “Really like the app. It’s easy to set up. And also easy to add reviews from Aliexpress with photo’s of the same product. I wanted some more adjustment so it matches more my webshop. I contact the team and they helped me the same day! Really friendly. Now everything looks good and works well. Thank you so much! I would really recommend.”

In conclusion, by leveraging Shopify’s powerful platform and carefully chosen apps, you can create an online beauty and skincare store that engages customers, promotes product discovery, and drives sales. Remember, continuously evaluate new Shopify apps as they emerge – the key is to find the perfect fit for your brand and your customer base.

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Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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