May 9, 2024

Cut your Shopify Tech Stack Cost in Just 3 Steps!

While it is possible to totally customize your Shopify store front and back-ends, as of 2024, 87% of Shopify merchants use apps from the Shopify app store to some degree. The average merchant spends $120 per month on apps but these costs can quickly and dramatically increase as the brand grows. So is it inevitable the more you make on Shopify, the more you’ll have to spend? The surprising answer is no! We have 3 cost saving tips to help you keep slash those costs and maximize revenue. 

  1. Review and remove

The first thing to do when consolidating your tech stack is to audit all the apps and tools you are currently paying for and remove those that are not necessary. Shopify merchants pay for up to 20 apps on average to run their brand and with many brands having low basic plan fees, it is easy to install and forget to uninstall when the app is no longer in use. Make a list of apps you have installed along with how much each app is costing you and decide which ones need to go. One way to consolidate is actually to pay slightly more for a more robust solution rather than paying for 3 or 4 basic solutions that only focus on one thing. 

For example, If you are looking for a simple, fully customizable sticky cart solution, you can’t go wrong with SlideCart by AMP. The basic plan comes in at only $19.99 per month and for that you can get started with basic cart functionality. However if you are planning to have your cart be part of a larger upsell and cross-sell strategy and you’re keen to make every part of the customer experience work harder to generate more revenue for you- it would make more sense to invest in a more holistic solution that gives you end to end upsell placements PLUS reporting one how those place a ree performing- for not much more per month- enter Upsell by AMP. 

Instead of paying anywhere from $20-$50 dollars a month for 3-4 separate upsell, cross sell, checkout and cart solutions, Upsell by AMP starts at $75 on the Pro Plan. For that you can leverage; unlimited pre and post purchase one-click upsells, with upsells on product pages, in cart and on thank you pages, a fully customizable cart, automated upsell triggers, post purchase surveys and more. In this case paying for one solution as opposed to 4 saves you both in terms of cost and efficiency. 

  1. Choose platform solutions for the most bang for your buck

In the same vein of choosing solutions that give you more bang for your buck, another way to save on cost and time is to look for solutions that are part of a larger “platform approach”. This means that you can leverage one solutions provider to address various eCommerce challenges, be it marketing, subscriptions, loyalty, reporting etc. 

One example of a platform solution provider that many Shopify merchants use is Yotpo. Yotpo is a platform that offers subscription management, loyalty and referral programs and review management for stores- all from one platform. Of course this is much more efficient than using multiple apps to manage solutions- it can also be less costly in the long run. 

AMP platform solutions Lifetimely by AMP and Upsell by AMP offer the same type of benefits. Using the two platform solutions saves you potentially hundreds of dollars a month, empowers you to work hand in hand to inform your growth strategy and provides a higher level of support and guidance. 

  • Price

On the highest plans, Upsell by AMP and Lifetimely by AMP will cost you just $298/ month no matter how large your business. For $298/ month you get a full featured suite of pre and post purchase upsell solutions, including checkout upsells for Shopify Plus. You also get comprehensive LTV analytics, 5+ customer behavior reports, AI generated LTV projections, month-to month sales forecasts by cohort, integrations with Klaviyo and more. 

  • Strategy

Leverage Lifetimely by AMP’s customer journey reports like repurchase rate by product or by promotion to understand which products to offer as upsells and to determine which promotions are driving sales- thus optimizing your upsells on Upsell by AMP 

  • Support

With AMP solutions you don’t need to talk to multiple people to solve any challenges you face with Upsells or Reporting. Enjoy one point of contact, dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible outcomes with pre and post-purchase upsells and advanced reporting. Selling on Shopify Plus? AMP’s customer service managers provide unmated checkout extensibility support for Upsell by AMP uses on the Plus plan.

  1. Never say no to a freebie

One very effective way to keep costs, especially start up costs low is to try out apps that offer a free plan. There are many robust apps on the Shopify app store that offer “Free to install” plans that come with basic functionality which are enough for you to get a feel for the usefulness of the app in your stack and if the cost of paying would see an ROI. 

Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing apps on the app store that offers a great free plan. It is free to install with free emails for up to 250 contacts and free SMS for up to 150 SMS/MMS credits. 

Lifetimely by AMP is a leading shopify profit and LTV app that also has a free plan. Lifetimely’s free plan comes with a real-time KPI and profit dashboard and integrates with Facebook & Google ads.

Here is an example of a consolidated tech stack that includes apps with free plans, a platform approach and fixed and transparent pricing. 

  1. Klaviyo
    Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that automates eCommerce SMS and email marketing to help businesses acquire, retain and grow their customers by sending marketing emails. Klaviyo has a lot of advanced features such as email segmentation, email automation, pre-built reports, and drip campaigns.
  1. Yotpo
    With Yotpo, you can collect and showcase customer reviews, ratings, and photos and leverage social proof and user-generated content to increase conversions and engagement. Yotpo’s suite of tools includes review collection and management, loyalty and referral programs, social commerce, and visual marketing.
  1. Lifetimely by AMP
    Lifetimely by AMP equips consumer brands with insights and reports for critical business decisions to scale growth. Track profit, calculate precise lifetime value (LTV) and marketing analytics, and identify patterns in customer purchase behavior. Comprehensive integrations pull the metrics that matter into one app, with an automated P&L dashboard, shareable email reports, CAC payback tools, and industry-leading cohort analysis.
  1. Recharge
    Recharge is a subscription payment platform that helps eCommerce businesses easily set up recurring customer orders and generate recurring revenue.Within minutes, you’re able to integrate Recharge with your email service provider, payment processor, and many other platforms in your tech stack.
  1. Upsell by AMP
    Upsell by AMP
    is a leading Shopify upsells app that boosts your average order value in minutes with impactful pre and post purchase upsells. Prompt your customers to add related products/ accessories across Product page, Cart and Thank you pages, and increase units per transaction. 

By implementing these 3 steps, you can effectively increase efficiency and cut costs related to your Shopify tech stack.

Cut your Shopify tech stack costs in half with the AMP Platform

Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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