Mar 22, 2024

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

Shopify is best known for being an easy to set up, affordable, out-of-the-box eCommerce platform for every online entrepreneur. The platform offers many basic plans for small and medium eCommerce businesses. 

Shopify Plus however is aimed at emerging and enterprise level brands looking to use an eCommerce platform or migrate to a better platform. Shopify Plus is more robust than Shopify with a focus on custom everything- from the brand experience to workflows, automation and customer service. 

Let’s dive into what the costs of using Shopify Plus look like. 

The base cost of using Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus plan starts at US$2,300 a month for standard setups and integrations on a 3-year term, or US$2,500 per month for a 1-year term. In addition, there are revenue based costs involved so expect to pay additional monthly costs based on your revenue. Since Shopify Plus bases pricing on usage and sales volume, the license cost increases when you exceed $800k in a month.

On top of the basic monthly licensing fee you need to factor is the fee structure that is based on your revenue. This will give you the actual price of the platform. This fee is capped at $40,000/ month depending on your revenue. For example, according to Shopify Plus pricing, a $1,000,000 per month company pays $2,500 in monthly licensing fees. In order for that same merchant to pay the maximum $40,000 monthly license fee, they would need to reach $16 million in monthly sales.

So what do you get for this monthly fee? The fees cover a plethora of services including; 

  • Hosting Fees
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Version Upgrades
  • Native Multi-channel Capabilities
  • Shopify’s POS solution — along with integrated selling solutions for eBay, Facebook, and Amazon
  • Account Management — including a dedicated Launch Manager and Account Manager who typically provides:
  • General Shopify support and suggestions
  • About 3 hours per month of basic front-end development work
  • Guidance for growing your store
  • Onboarding support
  • General Shopify Plus solutions advice

How much does it cost to migrate to Shopify Plus?

Shopify doesn’t charge you to migrate, but paid services are available to accommodate custom needs.

Migration costs depend on your business and existing commerce platform. Migration is your responsibility, but a Shopify Plus representative can outline potential costs and resources needed.

What are the transaction fees with Shopify Plus?

If you use Shopify Payments as your primary payment gateway: You pay Shopify all online and in-person card fees, with the lowest rates of any plan. Card rates* vary per country. Third-party transaction fees are waived globally.

If you use a third-party processor as your primary payment gateway: You pay your processor fees, plus 0.20% per transaction to Shopify for security and compliance costs.

In comparison to other enterprise level eCommerce solutions, Shopify Plus is priced competitively especially when you factor in that the cost includes the price of hosting. This makes Shopify Plus a great option for new enterprise brands. 

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Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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