Dec 19, 2023

Instagram Strategies to Grow Online Sales.

The abundant growth of social media in the last ten years has meant that any online sales plan must include at least two types of social platforms in order to reach profit goals. 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok have built integrated commerce into their structure, assisting customers to make a seamless purchase – without ever leaving the platform itself. 

Users, or potential customers, are actively on social media an average of 151 minutes per day. Platforms like Instagram have helped small and large businesses grow in reach and viewership, while TikTok is a growing space for younger consumers.

The tricky part of social media is deciding which platform is right to help achieve a relevant and successful sales strategy according to the target demographic. Subsequently, businesses can continue growing by cross-posting for further penetration and greater viewership.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for many small and large businesses with users actively following new and old brands. Users research through Instagram to find brands and specific products, channeling into the buying cycle quicker than other platforms. This shows that people are more willing to follow brands, become loyal customers and expand on purchases.

With an active user base of over 2 billion as of January 2023, Instagram is the world’s 2nd favorite platform for engaging audiences. Instagram has 130 million users per month purchasing from the platform, primarily between the ages of 16 to 34. These users have been seen to follow at least one brand. 

Here’s how to use all the data and information above to create a substantial strategy, leading to a successful growth in sales.

Instagram Strategies


The first step to building instagram strategies is to define: ‘What is the goal of launching an Instagram account?’ Is building an audience the main focus? Or sharing results of a product to spread credibility? 

Once this is defined, the next step is to know who the audience is by using data from previous sales. Take into account the age, location, and interests of the target audience as this will affect the design and content of the Instagram posts. 

After crafting the Instagram account based on the audience, the next step is to curate the design. A survey by Meta specified that 83% of respondents said Instagram helped them to discover new products and services. This data provides the foundation of how important a user’s first impression of the brand on Instagram is – be-all and end-all. Instagram is focused on visual first, information second, so the images taken for product discovery is crucial.

In addition, creating the company’s Instagram username – to be as close to the original company name as possible for consistency. Then, on to researching hashtags for users’ reference to the posts. Hashtags will help Instagram archive various images and products, potentially growing views from hashtag searches.

Before launching the Instagram account, an Instagram bio needs to be written. This bio needs to explain concisely, and in less than 150 characters, the company’s brand identity, tone, services, authenticity, and brand personality. Finally, before launch, find assistance from a Shopify of Amazon platform to upload the products and prices, and shorten the customer’s path to purchase, by using their tools. 

Launch Instagram Strategies

The first major strategy is to build anticipation for the launch by releasing a new product exclusively on the Instagram page, spreading awareness to current customers and online articles. To boost this viewership, the second strategy is to hire an influencer that is well-known in the specific product category. Using their followers and viewers, the launch can anticipate a larger number of potential customers and new followers. 

There are many sharing features for products and pictures on Instagram’s platform that will help create an interesting layout: such as carousel, Instagram stories, story highlights, reels, and livestream.

In order to keep the strong momentum of the launched Instagram account, creating a content calendar based on the company’s audience, holidays, events, new product releases, time of day, demographic, and frequency of each post, is very important. This can help the brand feel reliable and dependable to the customers and followers. For posts that are performing successfully, boost the content to retrieve more views.

To help convert followers into customers, build greater brand awareness by creating competitions for free products in return for shares, likes and tagging other viewers. In addition, ask for reviews of the products and never miss a mention or tag from a follower or a customer, this can boost organic posts.

Measure and Cross- promote

Now that the Instagram account is running well and consistently, measuring the content performance is very important.  Lastly, cross-posting into other social platforms, such as Facebook, can spread the viewership even wider.

Finally, the most popular content on Instagram is either deeply meaningful, personal, or funny. Keep it relevant. Good luck building the Instagram page.

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