Feb 8, 2024

Video is taking over: Ksenia Shmel explains how video is the secret sauce to eCommerce brand building.

In her prior experience, Co-founder of Koosh, Ksenia Shmel focused on the challenges of establishing a distinctive and exceptional store in the fiercely competitive eCommerce market. This led her to create Koosh.

Koosh is a SaaS platform that transforms static websites into dynamic, professional ones through interactive video embedding.

With Koosh, you can effortlessly create immersive video websites, embedding videos and making them interactive for actions like purchases or bookings. It goes beyond a simple video window, offering options like video galleries, swipers, and video catalogs – all aimed at creating an immersive site experience and boosting conversions. Explore the new world of creative video embedding with Koosh.

We’ve all seen that video content performs better than static content and is effective at delivering brand stories in a short, digestible way. In this blog, Ksenia weighs in on the role of video content in eCommerce and how merchants can leverage video on their stores in 2024. 

1.What areas will merchants focus their efforts on in 2024?

  1. We’re going to see more investment content focused on branding marketing rather than performance marketing. Merchants will want to focus on attracting and retaining loyal customers who align with a brand’s ethos.
  2. Merchants will look to create more videos that are embedded within the store as they help to create brand stories and immerse the customer in the philosophy of the brand, revealing emotions to the brand.
  3. The role of DTC will become more important to the strategy of most multi-channel businesses and merchants will need to look for innovative ways to enhance conversions on their website with proficient web design. 

2.What is one area merchants commonly neglect when planning for the year and any advice to overcome this blind spot?

Media creation is an area that often falls to the wayside when planning for the year. Often platform, back end and supply chain challenges will be the focus of yearly planning with brand building and marketing strategy taking a backseat. It would be useful and create a great boost in the future sales if the brand would build a quality marketing strategy and a dedicated media content strategy. This would result in more photo & video content that would build trust with the audience, bringing more followers, more high- quality potential customers and more sales.

3. How can merchants keep acquisition costs down and encourage spending given rising inflation and weak economic growth?

Invest in creating high quality video content by working with influencers, SMM specialists instead of creating content that can only be used once or live on one channel. Once a brand has invested in highly engaging and unique media content, that content can be sliced and diced in various ways and reused across all channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tok tok, website, etc- essentially killing many birds with one stone. 

4. What is the next big thing in brand marketing for eCommerce? 

At Koosh we believe that it is about unique creative videos that relays the ethos, vision and values of the brand. These videos immerse the customers in the brand’s narrative and enhance the customer journey. Branding through video reaches out and connects with the customer and forms a sense of community. In 2024, merchants need to focus on marketing efforts that drive retention and video is just the way to do that.  
If you are looking to create dynamic video experiences on your online store, check out Koosh today.

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Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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