Founder Stories

Learnings from the experiences of entrepreneurs who have built success on Shopify

Gabrielle Requena, Wrinkles Schminkles

Gabrielle Requena founded Wrinkles Schminkles in 2013 after looking for a non-invasive skincare solution that (really) refined lines and wrinkles.

Sam Moore, PYRA

Sam Moore started PYRA in 2020 ago as a manifestation of what was missing in his own wardrobe; streetwear designs that complimented a lifestyle fuelled with adventure.

Elle Kiffer, foldUP

foldUP founder Elle Kiffer started with the desire to make movement more convenient and comfortable. Today foldUP's products are available on The Iconic and quickly expanding into leading fitness companies globally.

Tiffany Okumu, Raph&Remy

Tiffany Okumu started baby clothing and gift company Raph&Remy in 2019 with $5K and just seven products in her first line. In just 3 years the eCommerce founder made $1 Million in revenue!

Karen Danudjaja, Blume

Blume's Superfood Lattes are available at 1000s of stores including Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore and Target. Here's how they managed to do it.

Sandy Ronalds, Nat’v Basics

Since Sandy Ronalds launched the brand in 2019, NatV Basics has seen remarkable growth offering the highest levels of comfort to customers and sustanability for the planet.

Monique, Jess, and Josi, TULA Drinks

TULA Drinks delivers the social connection of drinking without the nasties. Here's how the drinks brand took off!

Rachael Wilde, tbh Skincare

Available in over 1,200 stores, tbh Skincare is quickly becoming a the most popular, easy, and affordable way to treat acne!

Rina Gocaj, Flo Elmazi, SISTERWOULD

SISTERWOULD puts the 'care' in Haircare with their inclusivity-focused products: We chatted with Flo Elmazi and Rina Gocaj on the brand’s journey to success.

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