Apr 16, 2024

Leverage the Power of Shopify Plus Checkout Customization.

While a well-designed Shopify store and product offerings are vital to your business, checkout experiences are often overlooked. Many Shopify users might not be aware of the extensive customization options available. By elevating your store with Shopify Plus Checkout Customization, you can transform a mundane step into a strategic opportunity. In this article, we will deep dive into how to leverage the power of Shopify Plus Checkout Customization experience, how it leads to happier customers and how it increases your average order value (AOV).

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium eCommerce platform structured for growing businesses. It builds on the foundation of the basic Shopify plans, offering a large range of features to help a Shopify store scale operations and growth potential. A report found that early 2024 had over 25,000 domains running with Shopify Plus and 23.1% featuring apparel products. Here are some of the key advantages of Shopify Plus:

  • Checkout Customization – this allows Shopify users to create a branded and easy checkout experience.
  • Scalability – Shopify Plus is built to handle large volumes and complicated business structures, ensuring your store can grow without issue.
  • Priority Support – Shopify Plus provides 24/7 support, so you can avoid any technical issues.
  • Application Integration – access a wider range of apps and integrations for greater functionality 

What can Shopify Plus Checkout Customization do?

Shopify Plus allows you to have more control over your checkout page. With this, you can customize and create extra detailed fields, alter the information in the payment page and integrate social media.

Another feature is that it is easier to sell internationally. You can use this feature to create separate groups of customers based on their location, and it can help change the pricing, taxes, and shipping costs accordingly. 

Lastly, with checkout customization, you can offer discounts, gifts, and free products to selected groups of customers. This feature can help your checkout page be memorable and help your customers to remember the experience.

What is Shopify Plus Checkout Extensibility?

Shopify Plus Checkout Extensibility is a feature on the Shopify Plus plan that allows for greater customization and functionality during the checkout process. Here are some of its key features:

  • It relies on apps to add features and customizations making them easy to install, upgrade and maintain. 
  • It allows for advanced branding customization through the checkout editor. 
  • Your checkout experience won’t be disrupted by Shopify upgrades as it has its own upgrades in safety, security, speed and conversion.

Overall, Shopify Plus Checkout Extensibility offers a more flexible and user-friendly checkout experience for your customers and your store.

Key Reasons to Customize Shopify Checkout Page

There are several reasons to customize your Shopify checkout page:

  1. Brand Consistency 

The customization feature allows you to infuse your brand’s aesthetic to keep consistency with the overall look of your store.

  1. Boost Conversion Rate 

A well-designed checkout can ease the buying process. By including information like FAQ’s, hidden costs, estimated shipping costs and loyalty programs, it can help answer any concerns or questions from the customer.

  1. Average Order Value

The checkout page is a prime location for suggesting relevant products by means of upselling. This will help you boost the average order value.

All of these key reasons will create a frictionless buying journey, building trust, increasing sales and a stronger brand identity.

Ways to Customize Checkout a Page

There are 2 main approaches to customize your checkout page:

Checkout Design

Make your checkout page an extension of your brand by including the logo, consistent color scheme and fonts. Additionally, maintain a clear and precise checkout page layout. Prioritize essential fields like billing and shipping information and organize them logically. This will help you create a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Checkout Function

Transparency is the key to a positive shipment experience with your store. Display the estimated shipping costs upfront to avoid any confusion or cart abandonment. Moreover, provide a variety of secure payment options to cater to all customers and improve conversion rates. 

What’s more, looking for the best way to customize your checkout page is a very important decision. With Upsell by AMP app, you can see your average order value grow in minutes. Upsell by AMP allows you to customize offers and surveys for a seamless shopping experience. It covers all of your upselling needs, allowing your customers to increase their order in just 1 click. Supercharge your checkout page with upsells, reviews, and social proof, enjoying unmatched Checkout Extensibility support, all with Upsell by AMP.

How to Keep Optimizing

Optimizing your checkout page is an ongoing process. To do this, you will need to perform A/B testing, analytics tracking, and gather customer feedback. Continue to test out variations of design and function, monitor cart abandonment, and gather feedback by creating surveys for your customers. 

By streamlining your Shopify store, analyzing, adapting and using the right apps to support upsells, you can ensure that with Shopify Plus Checkout Customization, it will grow to a trusted and successful business.

Boost sales and AOV with upsells, customized offers and surveys for a seamless shopping experience on your Shopify store.

Neeta is the Content & Community lead at AMP. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce marketing having previously worked for TradeGecko.

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